Vinegar with kalamansi pulp speciality

Notes of mandarin and lime, a touch of citrus and gastronomy

Vinegar with kalamansi pulp speciality - 100 ml

Tips for use

Kalamansi, native to Southeast Asia, is a natural hybrid of two citrus fruits, mandarin and Kumquat. Its taste, between tangerine and lime arouses fruit salads, mixed salads, fish tartares. It deglazes a duck breast, and advantageously replaces a lemon juice for a more subtle touch in the dishes.


Vinegar with Kalamansi pulp

Ingrédients : Spirit vinegar 8% acidity 44%, kalamansi pulp 45%, sugar 10%, apple pectin 1%.

Nutritional informations

Nutritional values for /100mL: Energy: 351/83kJ/kcal; Fat:0 of which saturates: 0g ; carbohydrates: 17g of which sugars: 16,5g ; proteins:0,7g ; salt: 0,01g


Keep away from heat and light

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