Tuna belly in olive oil

The most exquisite part of white tuna, delicately dressed and confit in a fruity oil

Tuna belly in olive oil - 170 g

Tips for use

The most prized white tuna part, slightly smoked. To be enjoyed on a buttered toast or in Niçoise salad.


Tuna belly in olive oil - 170 g

Ingrédients : tunabelly filets (Thunnus albacares), smoked (beech) 64,7%, olive oil 35%, sea salt.

Allergènes : fish

Nutritional informations

Nutritional values/100g: Energy : 858/206kJ/kcal; Fat: 13g of which saturates: 1,8g; carbohydrates: 0g of which sugars: 0g; proteins : 23g; salt: 1,5g.


Store in a cool and dry place. Keep refrigerated for 24 hours maximum after opening.

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