Wild Voantsy Perifery pepper

Harvested in Madagascar from the top of giant trees, a mild but tasty peppercorn, with a strong woody note

Wild Voantsy Perifery pepper - 45 g

Tips for use

Little known, the Voantsy Perifery pepper is a wild pepper growing on high lianas (up to 20 meters above the ground) in the humid tropical forest areas of the island of Madagascar. Its harvesting, by hand by local villagers, proves difficult and dangerous. Different degrees of maturity can be found when the berries are harvested, explaining the shades in the colouring of the grains. Its flavour is strong without being spicy, and its odour is woody with hints of fruits, citrus and flowers. Its fresh taste, with a good length on the palate, goes very well with meat (especially pork and lamb) and sauces with coconut milk.


Wild Voantsy Perifery pepper - 45 g

Ingrédients : 100% pepper


Store in a cool , dry place away from light and moisture .

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Associated recipes

Strawberries marinated in pepper

Strawberries marinated in pepper


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