Five-spice powder Organic

A must-have for Chinese cuisine, warm and intense (but not too spicy). For a touch of exotism in your dish…

Tips for use

The 5-spice powder is a traditional blend of spices from Asia, mainly used in southern China and Vietnam. Not pungent, this blend is often used for sweet and savoury cooking, as in the roasted duck recipe.
The taste of 5-spice, warm and spicy-sweet, fits perfectly with white meats, vegetables, soups and rice, as well as with soy sauce to prepare delicious marinades.
Its aniseed flavour gives an original touch to your desserts: fruit salads, fruit pastries, compotes or gingerbread.


cinnamon*, fennel*, green anise*, black pepper*, clove*.

Can contain traces of:
celery and mustard


Store in a cool, dry place, away from light.

5,20 €

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