Organic cinnamon

Produced in Madagascar, it spices up desserts or accompanies nicely savoury dishes.

Organic cinnamon powder - 30 g - Organic*

Tips for use

Cinnamon is the bark of a tropical evergreen tree, which, when drying, curls upon itself to form small sticks. These sticks are then ground to obtain cinnamon powder. This woody spice can season food and drink. Its best-known use is in sweet food: it sublimates pastries, cream, gingerbread, buns, compote... It combines particularly well with apple and chocolate. In terms of beverage, it perfumes deliciously hot chocolate and mulled wine for example. Perhaps less well-known, it is also used with savoury dishes, especially in Indian and Oriental dishes such as couscous and tagines.


Organic cinnamon powder - 30 g - Organic*

Ingrédients : 100% cinnamon*. * From organic farming.


Store in a cool, dry place, away from light.

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