Artichoke from Tudela

The real small white artichoke hearts from Tudela. Round shaped, they melt in the mouth… To nibble at your heart's desire!

Tips for use

Miniature artichokes with a fine taste and melting texture, meeting the requirements of the quality label. A real treat to eat on its own, in a salad or on fresh pasta!
* IGP(indication of geographical protection) "Artichokes from Tudela": This is the variety of white artichokes Tudela (Spain), defined by its round shape and soft texture. They are harvested at maturity and cooked in a bain-marie to preserve the nutritional and taste qualities of the artichokes.


artichoke hearts 65,8%, sunflower oil, acidifier: citric acid, salt.


Refrigerate 3/4 days maximum after opening.

7,50 €

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