Red cherry peppers

As spicy as needed and as easy on the eye that they are delicious to eat

Tips for use

Those succulent red cherry peppers have a sweet and tender flesh. Slightly spicy, they can be enjoyed added to salads and sandwiches, or, thinly sliced, as a topping on pizzas. Produced in Italy.


Chili pepper 58%, sunflower seed oil 37%, salt, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, antioxydant: ascorbic acid, acidity regulator: citric acid.

Can contain traces of:
in the plant, are handled the following allergens: lupins, celery, milk and fish derivative

Nutritional informations

Nutritional values /100g: Energy : 285/68kJ/kcal; Fat: 5,5g of which saturates: 0,7g; Carbohydrates : 3,5g of which sugars: 3,5g; Proteins : 1,8g; Salt: 3g.


Keep in a cool and dry place, away  from light.
Refrigerate after opening, between 0°C and +4°C and consume within 7 days

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