Organic artichoke risotto

Soft in the mouth, delicately melting: a journey to the South of Italy!

Organic artichoke risotto - 250 g - Organic*

Tips for use

To cook and enjoy as a main course. Traditional cooking: brown the content of the packet in a tablespoonful of oil. Progressively add 650 ml to 750 ml of water while stirring. Let the mixture boil for about 15 to 17 min. Pressure cooking: pour the packet into half a liter of cold water. Bring up to high heat and cook for 8 min after the hissing noise starts. Suggestions: for a classic preparation, add 1/3 of a cup of white wine before adding water. For a creamier result, melt in some butter or parmesan cheese before serving.


Organic artichoke risotto - 250 g - Organic*

Ingrédients : Carnaroli rice*, vegetable stock* [sea salt, yeast extract, rice flour* corn starch*, extra virgin olive oil*, carrot*, celery*, fine herbs*, miso* (soy*, rice*, water, salt, koji), turmeric*], artichoke* 3%, parsley*, garlic*. *From organic farming

Allergènes : celery, soy

Nutritional informations

Nutritional values/100g: Energy : 1429/337kJ/kcal; Fat: 1g of which saturates: 0,2g; carbohydrates: 71,8g of which sugars: 1,4g; proteins : 9g; salt: 2g.


Keep in a dry place.

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