Organic Polenta with ceps

Earthy notes for thie very aromatic dish. For savouring the eyes closed.

Organic polenta with ceps - 250 g - Organic*

Tips for use

in order to cook 250 g of polenta, bring to the boil 1.2 litre of salted water. Pour the full package content in the pan stirring regularly with a wooden spoon so as to avoid lumps. Let it cook for 5 minutes and serve it hot.


Organic polenta with ceps - 250 g - Organic*

Ingrédients : fast cooking corn semolina* 96%, dried ceps* (Boletus edulis) 4%. * From organic farming.

Nutritional informations

Énergie(kJ/kcal) : 2231kJ /535kcal ; Fat: 33g ; don’t saturés : 17g ; carbohydrates: 53g ; of which sugars: 48g ; proteins : 6,4g ; salt: 0,01g.


Keep in a dry place.

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