My father taught me loyalty and authenticity; from my mother, I learnt to be bold and free. From my childhood, I remember dedication, a love for my roots and a passion for travelling- in other words, a curiosity for the roots of others.

Mille et Une Huiles grew on these values. What is a value? A centre and a drive. It’s what allows us to develop and to push further.

Consistency. For twenty years now, we’ve shared experiences with people I can no longer call “our suppliers”: These producers, farmers, these enthusiasts became our friends. They demonstrate the same commitment. The same authenticity. These men and women whose lives are based on the seasons have always strived for excellence. And thanks to them, this excellence is what we are offering you now.

For us to dare is to be free. Free to open doors to discovery. Daring to be bold, to imagine, to create, to dream. Free to long for tradition and for surprises, to love parties and celebrate friendship.

As for our roots, ours and those of others, our products and our containers are their tribute. They are the traditions that create our flavours. From our roots, we expand.