I’ve always lowered my gaze to watch for the change of the seasons. A farmer’s habit.

It’s by looking at the ground that I learn to recognise the first buds. To greet the spring lettuce, the tomato patch impatient to flourish. In Autumn, to rejoice at the sight of the first mushrooms, of the walnuts falling like rain from a fruit-bearing tree.

Sometimes, I cheated and let my sense of smell guide me: apples melting in a pot and I knew that soon it would be back to school, an aroma of stew meant that Winter was coming. In May, I was dying to dip my spoon in the tomato sauce that will be preserved in jars for all year.

To harvest according to the season is a self-evident fact. Because at last the harvest taste good and all the nutrients are there. Because fruits and vegetables can take their time to look and be good. Because Mother Nature is wise and the seasons well organised.

The Mille et Une Huiles jars only accommodate the harvest of the season. There lies the secret of our excellence. We don’t cheat time. So please, treat our product well. They deserve beautiful combination… With flavours of the season.