Mushrooms & truffle (3%) sauce

Creamy and flavoured, a woody aroma that lingers in the mouth

Tips for use

This sauce is made of the best ingredients offered by the forest’s undergrowth life, to perfect the simplest ingredients. Based on a mushroom and truffle mixture, it can be combined with risotto, omelette, mashed potatoes, pasta or to accompany fried foie gras or duck confit.


Mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus) 70%, extra virgin olive oil, truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt) 3%, salt, aromatic herbs, spices, aroma.

Can contain traces of:
made in a factory which handles wheat, milk, celery, anchovies, nuts

Nutritional informations

Nutritional values /100g: Energy : 1569/375kJ/kcal; Fat: 39g of which saturates: 6,3g; Carbohydrates : 0g of which sugars: 0g; Proteins : 3g; Salt: 1,15g.


Store in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening.

7,70 €

Associated recipes

Split pea Soufflé

Split pea Soufflé

Gratin Dauphinois with truffle carpaccio

Gratin Dauphinois with truffle carpaccio


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