Organic sicilian tomato sauce

A tasty and spicy salsa of fresh vegetable. Like a longing for summer

Organic sicilian tomato sauce - 190 g - Organic*

Tips for use

Made with natural ingredients, this recipe recalls the best flavours of Sicilian cuisine. This tasty, slightly hot ready-made tomato sauce only needs to be heated before accompanying pasta, pizza, raviolis, steamed vegetables or 3-cheese lasagne. With its chilli touch, this sauce can accompany poultry dishes or pork filet mignon.


Organic sicilian tomato sauce - 190 g - Organic*

Ingrédients : Tomato pulp* 40,5%, tomato purée* 40,5%, celery*, carrots*, onion*, *extra virgin olive oil*, salt, fructose, chili in powder* 0,1%. *From organic farming

Allergènes : celery

Nutritional informations

Nutritional values/100g: Energy : 246/59kJ/kcal; Fat: 3,6g of which saturates: 0,6g; carbohydrates: 4,9g of which sugars: 3,5g; proteins : 1,2g; salt: 1,4g.


Refrigerate after opening.

3,75 €

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