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  • Colors and flavours, aromas and fragrences: the oil-vinegar set for gourmetsSeasonning Farandole - 5 x 100 ml : olive oil for salad, Norman AOC apple cider vinegar with honey, olive oil for pizza, balsamic vinegar from Modena, olive oil for vegetables

  • Une huile à vaporiser pour chaque mets et un balsamico pour les sublimer, dans un joli présentoir bien carré.Harmonious Seasonning - 4 x 100 ml: Extra virgin olive oil for salads, extra virgin olive oil for vegetables, extra virgin olive oil for pizza, condiment made from balsamic vinegar from Modena - All with spray

  • L’incontournable duo à brumiser : le raffinement bio en plus, sur la table.Delicateness Seasonning - 2 x 100ml: Gold Selection olive oil with spray and condiment made from Balsamic vinegar from Modena with spray

  • Balsamic or fruity? Acidulous or rather sweet? Five passionate vinegars in their metal setGourmet Vinager Collection - 5 x 100 ml : vinegar with mango pulp, sherry vinegar, vinegar with passion fruits pulp, balsamic vinegar, vinegar with raspberry pulp

  • Olives harvested by hand from thousand years of trees. A fruity and unique taste. A divine nectar worthy of the Gods. Extra virgin olive oil from thousand-year-old olive trees, Spain - 250 ml

  • The Grail! Easily identifiable with its golden ring. It's the essence of nectar nurtured with patience and devotion. The Black Gold of Modene. Condiment based on Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP Extravecchio 25 years old - 100 ml

  • An elixir infused with the aroma of the precious wood barrel in which it aged, year after year. A foretaste of paradise. Condiment based on Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - DOP Affinato 12 years old - 100 ml

  • They are of all colours and will delight all palates: a selection of mustards to make you dream. Mustards Crescendo: mustard with honey, mustard with thyme and garlic, mustard with Espelette pepper, 100 g, in PET set

  • A touch of refinement for this Olive Oil with delicate truffle nuances, adorned with its Organza fabric Speciality based on organic extra virgin olive oil with natural black truffle melanosporum aroma - 100 ml - Tulip Collection and its Organza sheath - Organic*

  • Recipe Book "Ces huiles. J'en fais quoi" 180 recipes

  • A taste trip by tasty associations, pleasure… 4 Chutneys for Cheese and Foie Gras: Balsamic Fig Chutney with Spices, Red Onion Confit, Mango Chutney, Spicy Tomato Chutney, in PET Case

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